Wellness Delivered

Want to change your recurring order? It's very simple.

Begin by logging in to your account. Go to the "Choose Your Route" drop-down and select the day that you receive delivery.

Now click the "My Recurring Items" link at the top.

Now (if you want to) remove the existing item(s). For a single item, click the "Remove" button. For multiple items, you can click the "Clear Order" button. A confirmation dialog box will appear.

To add recurring items, click the "Browse Products" button.

For this example, we'll be adding a Conference Special for weekly delivery.


Once we've made our selection, a pop-up box will appear. Change the drop-down menu option from "ONE TIME ORDER" to "Recurring Order".

Select the frequency you want (in this case, "Every Week"), and then choose the date you'd like delivery to begin. If you'd like any add-ons, place a check in the appropriate box(es). When finished, click "SAVE AND REVIEW YOUR ORDER".

You're all done! If you'd like to confirm, click on "My Shopping Cart".

You'll see your order appear each week.

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