Wellness Delivered

You're a regular customer, but you want to set up a special one-time order. We make it simple.

Begin by logging in to your account. Go to the "Choose Your Route" drop-down and select the day that you want the delivery. (If you don't see the date you want listed, contact us.)

You'll see a series of dates. Go to the exact date you want (scroll down if necessary) and click on it.

From here you'll do what you'd ordinarily do. Start by clicking "Browse Products" (the button will go red as you mouse over it).

Select the item you want. For this example, we'll choose the Premium Large Office Basket.

Let's say we also decide to add lemons to the order. We'll check the appropriate box. Make sure the drop down menu says "ONE TIME ORDER" and that the correct date box is checked. From here, we'll click "SAVE AND REVIEW YOUR ORDER".


You'll see your items appear. If you have any special customization notes (for this example, more red apples and fewer oranges) simply type them in the box labeled "Notes/Directions".

YOU'RE ALL DONE! But to verify your order, scroll back up and click on "My Shopping Cart".

Scroll down to the date of your order and make sure all the items are listed correctly.

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